Total Lifelong Catechesis

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Come to Christ. Do not be afraid. Give your heart to Christ. Open wide the doors to Christ. ~Pope John Paul II

Total Lifelong Catechesis (TLC) is St. Albert’s whole parish faith formation. We are all called to be lifelong students of Christ and TLC provides this opportunity. Parents and their children, single adults, and married couples all meet monthly for Sunday Mass, a Meal, and a Message (which includes adult and children faith lessons). Families go home with materials to grow in faith at home the rest of the month. A new theme is presented each year. All three components (Mass, Meal and Message) are integral parts of a TLC Session. Through TLC families, young and old support each other in learning and living the faith. For more information, contact our Religious Education Coordinator, Jean Wold at or 763-497-3782.

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