Small Church Communities

What does an SCC do?

SCC’s often pray, read scriptures and discuss, and do community outreach together.

What materials can we use and what types of community outreach can we do?

Here are some resources for reading/discussion:

• Renew International online bookstore. The Why Catholic series is very popular

• Small Christian Communities “Resources”

• Small Christian Communities A Global Collaborative Website  

There is no greater way of growing in faith than to be part of a Small Christian Community where that faith is shared, listened to, and celebrated. SCCs are a wonderful way to articulate the connections between faith and life. Cardinal Newman once said, “Great holiness is lost to the Church because people refuse to tell their stories”. Through SCCs, parishioners have an environment to tell their stories and have their stories honored in faith and love.

Coming together in Small Christian Communities provides mutual support, builds healthy relationships, and empowers members to grow in faith as well as have greater belonging to the parish. Some people have the misunderstanding that they are another parish program. They are not. While communities may use a specific program periodically, for example during Advent or Lent, they are not a program but a way of being church that is supportive not only of a personal faith journey but, by nature, a reflection of the communal journey of the people of God.

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