St. Albert has many ways to help one become a participant in any of the ministries listed in the tool bar. Check them out and volunteer your gift or talent for we treasure your commitment.

People who welcome us to church, people who volunteer in the church office and servers to assist the priest are three examples of “Ministries”. Members of the church take on specific tasks to build God’s Kingdom and bring someone closer to Jesus. This is the opportunity to be of service to the whole faith community. Children, women, and men who have answered a call in their lives, step forth and offer their skills in service to the public worship of the community. Liturgical ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your baptismal call of service to one another. Our liturgies should utilize the talents and gifts that God has given this community to the fullest extent.
Whether participation is through “behind the scenes” preparation and planning or through a public role of service within the Mass, parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations.

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