Community Caring for Life

For more information or to volunteer, please call the parish office.

May God Bless you!

ACCL, A Community Caring for Life, was started in 1994 when Archbishop Roach and Bishop Carlson formed a commission to study how the Catholic teachon on the dignity of the human person and respect for life could be communicated more effectively. It was decided to have volunteers in eash parish work within their community to show Christ's love and compassion. ACCL was introduced into the parishies in October 1996. St. Michael's and St. Albert's formed a joint ACCL. It was decided that in addition to the main objective of helping men and women who are experiencing a difficult pregnancy we would also try helping people facing other difficulties such as: single parenting; miscarriage or stillbirth; the elderly; the sick; the terminally ill, etc. We would attempt to offer an additional support system and referrals to the counseling and other services that were already established.

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