Anointing of the Sick

Anointing is one of the Church's seven sacraments and is classified as one of the Sacraments of Healing. All those who are dealing with acute or chronic illness, young or old, physical or otherwise, are invited to turn to Jesus, the great miracle worker, for healing and grace.
Anointing may be received more than once over a person's lifetime, but usually only once per illness. For example, if a person has a bout of pneumonia, it would be proper to be anointed sometime over the course of the illness. However, the Sacrament should not be administered a week to two later for the same illness. The only exceptions are if the person takes a significant turn for the worse during the same illness, or if the person recovers and then relapses. If this occurs, the person would be eligible to receive the sacrament again. It is also proper to receive the sacrament up to twice a year at our local parish Anointing Mass.
May God Bless you!

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