Adult Faith Formation

Current Study
Watch for upcoming studies in the bulletin or the monthly parish calendar.

Past Study Resources
Are you looking to put together your own group for a study, or looking to do one on your own – at your own pace? We have lots of material available for you to borrow at no cost! (If study material is needed there may be a charge for that.) Following is a list of the studies that we have presented in the past. If any of these interest you, please contact the parish office (763-497-2474).
The Great Adventure Bible Timeline (24-week study) - VHS tapes / CD’s / 2 extra study sets (cost of $40 each).
Matthew (24-week study) - DVD’s / CD’s / 7 extra study sets (cost of $35 each).
Acts (20-week study) - DVD’s / CD’s / 8 extra study sets (cost of $35 each).
Revelation (11-week study) - CD’s only / 1 extra study set (cost of $30 each).
James (11-week study) - DVD’s (currently borrowed out) / CD’s / 1 extra study set (cost of $30 each).
EPIC: A Journey Through Church History (20-week study) - CD’s only / 1 extra study set with notes (cost of $30 each).
What Catholics Really Believe - A series of 13 talks (on DVD) on the teachings of the Church. Presented by Dr. Ray Gaurendi and Fr. Kevin Fete in very easy to understand language. (Optional study material is available for a fee of $5 to make copies).
Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues by Father Robert Barron. This is a 9 week study.

More studies are added every year.

The St. Albert’s Adult Faith Formation Committee was established in the fall of 2005, following the success of the Jeff Cavins Bible Timeline that was presented in the spring of that same year.

This committee actively seeks out, plans, and promotes ongoing faith formation opportunities to the adult parishioners of St. Albert’s. It also voluntarily produces the monthly Adult Faith Formation Newsletter as a bulletin insert, of which the current and past copies (in their color versions!) can be found on this webpage.

We are dedicated to bringing the fullness of the Catholic faith to St. Albert’s, as well as the surrounding communities. Our purpose is to offer opportunities for spiritual growth that include but are not limited to bible studies, speakers, parish missions, retreats, social events, and ongoing education—so that as a community we can fulfill the call to continually grow in our faith as practicing Roman Catholics united with the Holy Father.

The committee currently meets on a periodic basis depending on the programs and opportunities that are being presented. Meeting dates are listed on the parish calendar and bulletin. Current committee members are listed in the header of the Adult Faith Formation Newsletter.

We invite parish members to make suggestions for studies, speakers, programs, or events that they would like to see presented at St. Albert’s. Finally, assistance is always needed and welcome – even on a one-time basis! If you are interested in becoming a committee member, have a suggestion, or are willing to help in any way, please contact one of the committee members or call the parish office at 763-497-2474.

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